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Short term inconvenience for long term gain! Only two days in hospital for my total hip replacement, then 2 weeks post-op no more pain. 3 weeks in and I was on a par with pre-op fitness; 4 weeks in and as good as new. Now 5 weeks post op I have been signed off by the much esteemed Mr Steffan Hutchings, This was by far the best decision I have ever made. My thanks to all the team.

- Paul Newell


I first went to see Mr Hutchings in May 2018, having been on medication for in excess of 4 yrs. He examined me and agreed to put me on his list for a total right hip replacement. I was admitted to the Spire hospital in Leicester as a NHS patient on Sat 13/10/2018 for surgery. I was visited by Mr Hutchings prior to surgery where everything was explained and any questions answered.

The operation was carried out under spinal block and sedation and all went as planned according to Mr Hutchings when he visited me post surgery. It was painful the first night but the nursing staff, (who were excellent throughout my stay, especially Jo and Sarb to name but two) were very attentive and helpful. Sunday morning, approx 24 hrs after the procedure Mr Hutchings again visited to check on my progress and ask if i had any issues, I was pleased to be able to report that all was well aside from the post op pain. Then the physios had me up walking!! again very painful but I was assured it would be a lot easier later that afternoon!!!!! To my suprise it was!

All i had was post op pain, which was decreasing daily and there was no arthritic pain anymore. On monday the physios had me walking up and downstairs, essential if I was to be discharged Tuesday lunchtime.

Tuesday morning arrived and I had my dressing changed prior to going home, no issues, the wound was healing well and there was no sign of any infection. I was duly discharged and furnished with appointments to have the staples removed, 3x sessions of physio and informed a letter to see Mr Hutchings would be forwarded to me, I was also issued with some aids to assisst me whilst recovering. I used all the aids as required, continued to drink lots of water / fluids and do physio as well as wearing those horrendous but essential stockings!! I saw Mr Hutchings around 38 days post op at his clinic where he discharged me but told me to carry on with home physio and to stay off work until the 12 weeks were up as I do a manual/physical job. I cannot express my thanks enough to Mr Hutchings, his medical staff and the physios for helping me to be back to normal and be able to enjoy my grandchildren and life again, once again my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all concerned with my procedure and recovery.

- John Turner

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